About us

COOPRONARANJO R.L is a company that began 46 years ago, in 1968, with a group of 91 small coffee growers from Naranjo, who at the time were producing approximately 10,000 Spanish bushels of coffee per harvest season.

This group of coffee growers decided to combine forces and create a cooperative under the name of Cooperativa de Productores de Café y Servicios Múltiples de Naranjo R.L. (Naranjo Coffee Producers and Multiple Services Cooperative). Since then, it has been serving and contributing to the development of the canton of Naranjo, which is known as being purely a coffee-growing community.

Since its creation, COOPRONARANJO R.L. has been the center of economic growth in the canton and its importance is so great that currently this cooperative consists of 2,338 members, the majority (around 95%) of which consists of small-scale coffee producers. By the same token, it is important to mention that 40% of the cooperative’s members are women who have found an opportunity to better themselves and thereby cover their living expenses.

COOPRONARANJO R.L manages very well in the agricultural marketing sector. It is known for producing and selling coffee, as this is the company’s main revenue-generating activity.

However, over the years, the cooperative has diversified its sphere of activity, becoming increasingly involved in the commercial field by providing high-quality services to meet the needs of our members and clients.

Our goal is to be the top company for processing and selling high-quality coffee in our country. We aim to achieve this by penetrating and positioning ourselves in new markets, establishing strategic alliances, pushing innovation in quality and service, using cutting-edge technology, seeking a greater added value for coffee, and diversifying our services and products—all within the framework of good agricultural practices on the part of our members and environmental sustainability.

MISSION: Coopronaranjo R.L. is a cooperative enterprise of coffee grower that offers multi-service, and whose mission is to improve the standard of living of its members, employees and local community by applying modern coffee production, milliang, and marketing processes in an effective,efficient, and sustainable manner, as well as the provision high quality services  that satisfy the needs of uor members and clients, while integrating said processes with proper practices that allow environment preservation  and environment.

VISION: To be the leader  among the country´s fine coffee milling and marketing companies be penetrating and positioning in new markets, establishing strategic alliances, and innovating in quality and service,  by using state-of-the-art technology, strengthening our coffee  value-added component, and diversifying our services and products, all within a framework of proper agricultural practices and enviromental sustainability.