ICafe recommends nitrogen fertilization to face dry period

With the imminent influence of El Niño , which predicts a long dry period that could be brought forward , the Technical Research Centre at Instituto del Café de Costa Rica, ICAFE, are recommending to all coffee growers to apply one last nitrogen high fertilization Nitrogen before the last week of October.

For this fertilizer the use of ammonium nitrate ( 33.5 % N ) on urea ( 46 % N ) is recommended , because the first one is less likely to be lost by volatilization when dry periods presented . The dose to be applied should be based on the expected production , so that for lots with crops of 20, 40 and 60 units of 400 liters of coffee fruit ( bushels ) per hectare would be recommended , respectively , 50, 70 and 90 kg N / ha equivalent , respectively , to 3.3 ; 4.7 and 6.0 sacks ( 45 kg ) of ammonium nitrate / ha .

As it is well known , and for agronomic effects, in most of the national coffee area the rainy season normally ends between the last week of October and early November , a period from which the frequency of rainy days is greatly reduced.

ICAFE indicates that it must be taken into account that is not appropriate to advance the last fertilization, due to heavy rains that traditionally fall by mid-October, which it could cause considerable loss of fertilizer being dragged into deeper soil layers ( leaching ) where would not be available to plants .

This last year fertilization favors a suitable plant vigor , which allows face in good shape next dry period , which is forecast larger and hotter than usual.

For further consultations , please contact ICAFE Agricultural Engineers in different Regional Headquarters : Coto Brus : 2773-3644 , Valle Central : 2260-1874 , Los Santos : 2546-7714 , Turrialba : 2556-8700 , Perez Zeledon : 2771- 7155 , Valle Occidental y Zona Norte: 2452-0000 .

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