Supply Warehouse

The Supply Warehouse has been the result of the diversification that was demanded by the members of the cooperative. It was at the November 1969 General Meeting that the opening of this warehouse in the center of Naranjo was agreed upon. It was to be financed through a charge of ₡1.00 per quintal (unit of weight equal to 100 lb.) of fertilizers distributed.

At the November 1970 General Meeting, the members of the cooperative made the decision to capitalize on the distribution of surplus production in order to improve the coffee processing plant and the Supply Warehouse. The strategy of selling merchandise that is necessary for farming at “nearly cost” price was pursued, thereby having an impact on the price level and forcing the competition to make a similar reduction to their prices.

Very soon the Supply Warehouse started to sell a huge variety of products: fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides, stickers, foliar nutrients, herbicides, tires, hand saws, various brands of aerosol bombs, iron sheets for roofs, wire and staples for fences, rubber boots, paint, diesel, etc.

It currently has two establishments and a supply warehouse located in San Rafael, Naranjo, whose main function is to store the huge range of products that they have on offer: necessary farming supplies for producing good-quality coffee, hardware store product lines, glue, wood, paint, locks and related products, electrical products, tools, crockery, iron, metal sheets, etc.

In addition, it has a self-service store located adjacent to COOCIQUE (cooperative bank), where the client can shop to their heart’s content and buy the items that he or she needs.

Coopro Supermarkets

Created in May 1981, it began to supply basic consumer goods, glassware, butcher’s shop services and groceries with the consumer needs of the members’ families in mind. In November 1981, the Assembly of Representatives #8 stated:

“This building was constructed in November of last year and its total cost was ₡5,295,926. It is important to point out that this project was almost entirely financed by the members of the cooperative. There is no doubt that the growth and consolidation of CooproNaranjo R.L. is due to the attitudes and behaviors of its members.”

Currently it has three sites located strategically in the area:

  • Súper Coopro central: al costado norte del Mercado Municipal .
  • Súper Coopro La feria : 200 metros al oeste del Colegio de Naranjo .
  • Súper Coopro Palmitos : Frente a la Iglesia Católica de Palmitos de Naranjo .

In the three establishments partners and public in general are offered all basic food basket and a variety of products of excellent quality and the best prices.

Naranjo Coffee

As its name implies, our coffee is produced in the area of Naranjo , a coffee grower´s village who have specialized in producing this excellent coffee for over 100 years.

Café Naranjo is one of the most well-known coffee brands thanks to its competitiveness and its international standing. It has a flavor that is typical of the region, with citrus and chocolate notes that give it an exquisite flavor, as well as an excellent balance of body, aroma and acidity.

Coffee Naranjo represents the essence of more than 2,500 Coopronaranjo partners and associates, coffee producers, talented workers with human quality that , day by day , with drive , courage and commitment , take the most authentic flavor of our plantations to the palate of those enjoy good coffee.

In addition , recently Naranjo CoffeeCafé received License as Brand Country Essentials Costa Rica, a license which is only held by two coffee brands throughout the country and rectifies that Naranjo Coffee is part of the Costa Rican idiosyncrasy and a product of the highest quality.

Espíritu Santo Coffee Tour

In our Coffee Tour visitors can appreciate the whole process, step by step, from planting grain gold, to the blasting for a cup of the best coffee. It is a tour for the whole family where young and old can learn more about our culture and traditions. It is also an ideal place for training, workshops, meetings or special activities in a quiet and friendly atmosphere surrounded by natural beauty.